About me

I got my dream job as a photojournalist with the A.P. in 2001 based in Venezuela where I covered the news for six years. Becoming a photo editor in 2007 changed the focus of my photography, and the transition was eye opening, which I write about on my LinkedIn profile titled "Changing Perspectives."

My documentary photography about the women of charreria, Mexico's national sport, are honored with awards from the National Press Photography Association (N.P.P.A.) and the sport inspired me to create the website The Art of the Escaramuza, a resource about this beautiful charro sport for riders, tourists and artists. A book prototype shows my entire collection of images from this project.

    I began my photography career in Dallas, Texas, after which I worked as a photographer at the The Brownsville Herald newspaper, which is located on the border with Mexico. My tenure in Brownsville was my first full time photography job after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999. During college, I worked as a photographer at The Daily Texan student paper, did a summer internship at New York's Newsday and studied fine art in Spain to learn Spanish.

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