Current Projects

Escaramuzas: Mexico's Women on Horseback

Escaramuzas by Leslie Mazoch

When I saw an escaramuza team in Mexico City for the first time in late 2007, I was hooked. There was beauty and danger, lace skirts billowing in clouds of dust kicked up by powerful horses, and women who rode side-saddle with bows in their hair, spurs on their riding boots, and held riding crops in their manicured hands.

The escarmauza is an all female team sport of synchronized horseback riding practiced in rodeo clubs all across Mexico. It is an urban twentieth century phenomenon with roots in the countryside from an earlier age.

Audiovisual: Escaramuzas

This four minute audiovisual introduces the sport. It explains how it got started, how the sport changed the culture of Mexico's national sport of charreria, and where it is today.

Blog: The Art of the Escaramuza

I launched this blog in August 2012 to build a network artists whose works focus on these female horse riders, from photographers to dressmakers. The blog also lists dates and locations of upcoming escaramuza fairs, the teams in Mexico and the U.S, and more websites dedicated to the dissemination of this beautiful sport.

Book: Escaramuzas

I´m working on a photography book to exhibit my best images of escaramuza training, competition and behind the scenes. The texts are bilingual in English and Spanish, including quotes from key figures from the sport's history who supported the integration of women into this male dominated environment.